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EIC 2017 – European Iaido Championships Torino

The 24th European Iaido Championships 2017 was this year organized in Torino, Italy and listed more than 212 competitors. The Belgian team did great in the individual taikai and won 5 medals with Habets Arno 1st dan Bronze, Vermeulen Karen 2nd dan Bronze, Vervack Valentin 4th dan Bronze, Kanto Yuki 6th dan Bronze and Simonini […]

Japanese delegation for 2017 Winter Seminar

The definitive delegation from Japan for our annual Winter Seminar is knew from now. This delegation has been reinforced, for the Jodo-part, by European Jodo Kyoshi 8th dan René Van Amersfoort and are assisted by a huge number of 7th dan coming from Italy, The Netherlands, France and Belgium. For those who would like to […]

16th Otsu Cup – Miyamoto Musashi Women’s Kendo Tournament

Following the visit of Mimasaka city’s Mayor and Kendo Hanshi Tahara sensei last December 2016 during the Winter Seminar 2016, our NT Ladies were invited to join the 16th edition of the Otsu Cup. Two of them, Lisa Van Laecken & Freija D’Hont, together with our President Dany Delepière and the European Tour leader Yoshinobu […]

EKF – European Jodo Championships 2017 – Belgian results

              As well as last year the Belgian delegation has gained beautiful results. Team Competition: Bronze (Gold: Sweden ; Silver: Germany ; Bronze: Slovakia) Individual competition : Shodan division : VAES Nicolas : Silver Sandan division : VERMEULEN Karen : Bronze Yondan division : DE BLOCK Marjan : Gold […]

New 7th dan in Belgium…

Our dear Albert Van denBroeck succeeded in 7th dan Jodo examination today at the end of the European Jodo Championships. All our congratulations for this achievement ! Save

Iaido Hanshi Aoki sensei

It is with deep sadness that we have to announce that Aoki Sensei passed away. He was a great Sensei that many of us met during Seminars and EIC. Our deepest condoleance to his family. The Iaido world will miss you :'(

Belgian Iaido Championships 2017

This year, the 20th ABKF Iaido Championships took place on May 21th in Affligem. It was a wonderful day with great shiai. Congratulations to all the participants and medal winners. See you all next year for the 21st edition of the Belgian Iaido Championships 🙂 Results MUDAN 1.VANDERSTRAETEN ALAIN (RAITO) 2.LOPEZ CEDRIC (YAEGAKI-KAI) 3.BASU PRAMIT […]

EKF – European Kendo Championships Hungary

Freija D’Hont (ladies team) and Adrian Detavernier (junior individual) were awarded “Fighting Spirit” on the first day of the EKC. On the second day, the Men team lost in 1/8 final from winner France. Ladies team lost the 1/4 final. At the third day, for the ladies and men individuals, Freija D’Hont and Kensaku Maemoto […]

New 6th Dan Iaido in Belgium!

Yuki Kanto passed her 6th dan at the end of the seminar organized by CNK in Versailles this weekend. Congratulations!

ABKF Summer Seminar 2017

The 16th edition of the ABKF Summer Seminar will take place for the Iaido seminar the 18-19-20 August 2017 in the Centre sportif de Blocry, Louvain La Neuve and for the Kendo seminar the 23-24-25-26-27 August 2017 in the ADEPS Auderghem, Brussels. Click here for more info … Iaido 18-19-20 August 2017 – Centre sportif […]