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ABKF – Kendo National Team Trainings

Dear friends, A new season is upon us and a few changes will be brought to the schedule and preparation pattern of the national team of kendo. First of all, the national team training (NTT) will be held (whenever possible) every first sunday morning and complemented by two asa geiko on every second saturday and […]

New 6th dan Iaido in Belgium!

Jacques Van Alsenoy from Butokukan, Brussels, succeed for 6th dan Iaido at the end of the high-level seminar organized in Modena by CIK and EKF. Congratulations!

New 7th & 6th dan Kendo in Belgium!

At the end of the 25th EKF Referee Seminar organized in Brussels this weekend, examinations from 1st up to 7th dan were held. This evening, it is with great pleasure that we announce that our Federation has ons 7th dan and  three 6th dan more… Naoko HAMADA from Meibukan succeed for 7th dan. Peter D’HONT […]

National Kendo Team Seminar 2012

On the first weekend of October, for the 4th year in a row, the Belgian National Kendo Team staff organized a complete weekend seminar which is the occasion of introducing the personal view on kendo of a foreign high-ranked teacher. This year, the invitation went to Lorenzo Zago, Renshi 7th dan, member of the Italian […]

New “Kyoshi” & “Renshi” for Kendo & Jodo in Belgium

As the result for the first “Kyoshi” exam in Japan organized by the All Japan Kendo Federation in english, our friend Emilio GOMEZ (7th dan Kendo) from Butokukan dojo in Brussels passed successfully this test last November. Results for the ‘Renshi’ exams Kendo/Jodo in Japan organized by the same Federation, our friends Carroll Tange (7th danKendo) […]