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21jun(jun 21)17:0023(jun 23)16:00Musashi Kai Nito Kendo seminar 21.6 - 23.6 202417:00 - 16:00 (23) Sporthall Bourgoyen, Driepikkelstraat 30, 9030 MariakerkeEvent Type :Kendo

Event Details

Musashi Kai Europe (in collaboration with Kendo Gent) warmly welcomes kendokas to our Musashi Kai nito kendo-seminar 2024!

What is Musashi Kai nito kendo?”

Niten Ichi-ryu Musashi Kai is a modern branch of Miyamoto Musashi’s school of swordsmanship, Niten Ichi-ryu. Musashi Kai’s purpose is to apply Musashi’s teachings & techniques to modern kendo, and promote beautiful & strong use of two shinais in kendo. The school is currently headed by shihan Tenshin Nakamura.

To put it simply, we’ll be learning how to do kendo wielding two shinais – nito kendo.

Who is this seminar FOR? Could it be for ME?

It could be, if you fit one of the following:

– You want to learn nito kendo
– You already practice nito kendo
– You want to learn how to fight AGAINST nito kendo
– You just want to see what all the hype is about

No prior experience in nito kendo is necessary, you’ll get by just fine. Just please be at least ikkyu-shodan level in kendo and at least 18 years old. This is so you have a basic understanding of tenouchi and can receive katate-waza safely.


I’m in! What equipment do I need?

Mostly just your usual kendo stuff – hakama, gi, bogu and shinai. You will also need a nito kendo shinai set – daito and shoto. You can make these yourself from old shinai (check youtube) or purchase a ready-made pair.

Overall, it’s a pretty unique opportunity to learn nito kendo in Europe!


Julien Goullon (kendo 6.dan heido 6.dan*) – Head teacher and president of Musashi Kai Europe.

Supported by Manuel Matsumoto (heido 2dan*) – Secretary of Musashi Kai Europe.

and other MKE-members

*Heido dan-grades are Niten Ichi -ryu Musashi Kai’s own grading system.


Sportshall Bourgoyen, 30 Driepikkelstraat, B-9030 Gent, Belgium


Day one: Friday 21st of June 2024

17.00 – 18.00: Jigeiko (MKE-members and registered participants only)


Day two: Saturday 22nd of June 2024

09.00 – 12.00: Practice

12.00 – 13.30: Lunch NOT INCLUDED IN SEMINAR FEE

13.30 – 16.30: Practice

16.30 – 18.00: Free Jigeiko (open to all)

20.00: Sayonara party (Wereldkeuken Gent, buffet) NOT INCLUDED IN SEMINAR FEE


Day three: Sunday 23rd of June 2024

09.30 – 12.00: Practice

12.00 – 13.00: Quick Lunch NOT INCLUDED IN SEMINAR FEE

13.00 – 15.00: Practice

15.00 – 16.00: Jigeiko ( MKE-members and participants only  )


NO DOJO ACCOMODATION! We recommend any hotel in Gent.

Seminar Price

80€ for full seminar. Payment methods:

Payment methods: (payment must be done within 2 weeks after inscription, else your inscription will be cancelled)



by Paypal:

to: jimmy.de.backer(at)telenet.be        (replace (at) with @ )

put as remark: MKE seminar + your full name (as on the inscription form)


by Bank transfer:

to:  Bank account number: BE86 8538 8887 1050


put as remark: MKE seminar + your full name (as on the inscription form)



On-site payment available   (please have the correct amount prepared):


Registration link: click here to register



21 (Friday) 17:00 - 23 (Sunday) 16:00


Sporthall Bourgoyen

Driepikkelstraat 30, 9030 Mariakerke