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ABKF – Kendo National Team Trainings

Dear friends,

A new season is upon us and a few changes will be brought to the
schedule and preparation pattern of the national team of kendo.

First of all, the national team training (NTT) will be held (whenever
possible) every first sunday morning and complemented by two asa geiko
on every second saturday and third sunday. The schedule and locations
will be put on the ABKF agenda.

Please note that the first NTT will be held on the 4th of September in
Antwerp (from 8 to 10.00):
Sporthal Het Rooi 2
Berchemstadionstraat 73
2600 Berchem

That training is open to anyone that would like to experiment being part
of the national group and maybe join the group for the next season
(whether they want to be in the national team or just benefit from the
experience while supporting the team’s preparation).
We hope that many people from all dojos might consider this opportunity
to be part of a more shiai focused preparation, will reinforce the
national group and commit to the effort for the whole season, both
juniors and seniors.

Of course, all those training opportunities are still and always open to
any high level and/or former national team member people that would like
to join the practice and support, give advice to the national group
people. Whenever they have the time to join and bring their experience,
they are most welcome.

We wish you a very fruitful season!

Kind regards,

Chieko, Naoko & Carrol