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Results Belgian Kendo Championships 2024

On Sunday April 14th in Havré (Mons) we organised in cooperation withBKR the annual Belgian Kendo Championships. Almost 100 yudansha tookpart in three individual categories (Junior, Ladies & Men).

Congratulations to all winners and a big “Thank You” to all workinghands behind the tournament!

The results are available here : Results

Federation Kendo

BKKC 2022 – Results

The results of the BKKC 2022 at Braine-l’-Alleud can be found here : Results

ABKF wishes to thank all participants, the organisation, shinpan, the clubs and supporters for their participation.

EKF Iaido Kendo

EKF organises examinations for 6th & 7th dan Kendo and Iaido – Frankfurt (Deu) & Budapest (Hun)

After a long break due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the European KendoFederation was again in capacity to organise for Kendo and Iaido thehigh-level grade examinations. For Kendo, the examinations gathered 86 candidates for 6th dan and 39candidates for 7th dan on the next day of the EKC in Frankfurt. Ourfederation was happy to see the results for its members by welcomingthree successful candidates: – Koenraad FRANCOIS (Seishinkan) – 6th dan – Simone FORESI (Yu-Hi) – 6th dan – Kensaku MAEMOTO (Wakakoma Kenshikai) – 6th dan And for Iaido, only two weeks later in...

EKF Federation Kendo

31st EKC Frankfurt (Germany)

31st EKC Frankfurt (Germany) After a long time of not doing kendo because of Covid 19, we finally hadagain a European Kendo Championship in Frankfurt.As the new coach of the Belgium team, together with our new managerIsmail Bozok, we can say that this year was more then a great success. Our first goal was to get a team back to the dojo. A team that would beready for this EKC, but also for the future. I wanted to get a team thatcould work together as one team. This goal was reached by the help ofmany people coming to the team training. I’m really happy with theeffort they did for that...

Federation Iaido Jodo Kendo

ABKF – Winter Seminar 2021

Dear friends !!!IMPORTANT UPDATE RELATED TO COVID!!! Due to the recent evolutions with the COVID-19 virus, the seminar scheduled has been changed. Please read the following message from our ABKF President S. Hendrickx thorouhly in one of the following attachments: With great pleasure, we announce the opening of the registrations to the ABKF Winter Seminar edition of 2021 from 17 December to 19 December 2021.Please read the following rules carefully and fill in the form to participate in the seminar and examinations.Link to the schedule: Registration will close on 1st December 2021. Link to...

Federation Iaido Kendo

ABKF – Kendo & Iaido September Gradings & Keiko

On Saturday 18th September 2021 an ABKF kendo and Iaido Keiko and Examination day will be held in Bourgoyen, 9030 Mariakerke

To register to Keiko and/or Examination please fill in the following form:

Registration will close the 4 September 2021.

The form details the complete Schedule of the day. It can also be found here:

!!! Due to the COVID security measures and restrictions please read it carefully and be on time the 18th. Very important also fill in the medical form and bring it with you a paper version:

FR: : :

Gradings Information & Prices:

Federation Kendo

Nakakura Cup 2019

Please find here under all the files related to the Nakakura Cup 2019.


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All Events Calendar


29jun10:0018:00Futarigumi Trophy - Iaido Duo Taikai - 18:00 Sporthal De Klodde, Dendermondebaan 10 9240 ZeleEvent Type :Iaido


13jul12:0013:00BKR Kendo – Regional training12:00 - 13:00 ADEPS - Auderghem, Chaussée de Wavre 2057, 1160 Auderghem, BelgiumEvent Type :Kendo


10aug12:0013:00BKR Kendo – Regional training12:00 - 13:00 ADEPS - Auderghem, Chaussée de Wavre 2057, 1160 Auderghem, BelgiumEvent Type :Kendo

12aug(aug 12)09:0017(aug 17)18:00The 5th International Jukendo / Tankendo Seminar - 18:00 (17) Event Type :Jukendo & Tankendo

23aug(aug 23)18:0025(aug 25)18:00ABKF Iaido Summer Seminar 202418:00 - 18:00 (25) Centre Sportif Blocry, Place des Sports 1, 1348 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, BelgiumEvent Type :Iaido,Iaido Grading

30aug(aug 30)09:0031(aug 31)18:00ABKF Kendo Summer Seminar 2024Gradings from 1st Kyu up to 5th Dan09:00 - 18:00 (31) ADEPS - Auderghem, Chaussée de Wavre 2057, 1160 Auderghem, BelgiumEvent Type :Kendo,Kendo Grading


01sep08:0018:00ABKF Kendo Team Championships - BKTC 202408:00 - 18:00 ADEPS - Auderghem, Chaussée de Wavre 2057, 1160 Auderghem, BelgiumEvent Type :Kendo


10nov08:3018:00ABKF Belgian Kendo Kyu Championships 2024 + examinations08:30 - 18:00 ULB - Ixelles, Avenue Adeolphe Buyl 87A, 1000 IxellesEvent Type :Kendo


18dec(dec 18)09:0022(dec 22)18:00ABKF Winter Seminar 202409:00 - 18:00 (22) ADEPS - Auderghem, Chaussée de Wavre 2057, 1160 Auderghem, BelgiumEvent Type :Kendo / Iaido / Jodo,Kendo / Iaido / Jodo Gradings