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Tag: championships

BIC – Belgian Iaido Championships 2015

The 18th Belgian Iaido Championships 2015 took place this Sunday 10/05/15 in Sint-Niklaas. Belgian Iaido level is increasing every year and we were rewarded with thrilling matches and finals. Congratulations to all the participants and thank you for the great job of the organizing Dojo: Tamiza Kendo Kai. Click the “Read more” for full results […]

European Iaido Championships 2013

The 20th European Iaido Championships was this year organized in Meze, France. The ambiance during this event was great and everybody was very happy to meet all Iaido friends from all over EKF countries. After 2 days of seminar, the Belgian team achieved a tremendous job in the individual taikai by winning not less than […]

18th EIC 2011 – Andorra

Great results for the Belgian Team at the 18th European Iaido Championships 2011 in Andorra !!! Two days of seminar with 22 countries represented and more than 200 participants, everybody in the team so happy to meet all European Iaido friends and receive the teaching of 3 great sensei: Kawaguchi sensei, Kusama sensei and Kamikokuryo […]

EKC 2011

  European Kendo Championships 2011 Our National Kendo Team at the European Kendo Championships in Gdynia (Poland). Delegation: Daniel Delepière – leader Marc Namèche – manager Serge Hendrickx & Chieko Yano – coach Jean Claude Wolfs & Chris Maes – official EKF selected referees Xavier Roubedou, Sara Van Laecken, Aaron Vande Mergel, Makoto Grosfils & Dries […]

Belgian Kendo Kyu Championships 2010

Please follow the link for the results of the Belgian Kendo Kyu Championships 2010.

9th European Jodo Championship

The “All Belgium Kendo Federation” hosts in 2010 the 9th European Jodo Championships which are organized by the European Kendo Federation.