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Welcome to the ABKF Events website

This site will list all the "All Belgium Kendo Federation" events and agenda and competition results.

Belgian Iaido Championships 2014

17th Belgian Iaido Championships 2014.
Date: 18 May 2014

Information and Registration here: BIC 2014

Belgian Kendo Championships 2014 Angleur – results

Results per categorie of the BKC 2014


  • 1st place: D’Hont Freya (Kojika)
  • 2nd place: Heremans Olivier (Wakakoma)
  • 3rd place: Windels Kai Li (Kojika) - De Brie Bavo (Kenseikan)
  • Fighting Spirit: Jevtic-Romano (Butokukan)


  • 1st place: Buysse Rachel (Kojika)
  • 2nd place: Matsui (Wakakoma)
  • 3rd place: Kitashima (Wakakoma) – Van Alsenoy Isha (Kojika)
  • Fighting Spirit: Steyaert Maaike (Kendo Gent)


  • 1st place: Van Laecken Sean (Kenseikan)
  • 2nd place: Haeke Wesley (Kojika)
  • 3rd place: Nakamura (Wakakoma) – Van Dort Geert (Kojika)
  • Fighting Spirit: Nameche (Wakakoma)


  • 1st place: Seishinkan (Vinck, Miyoshi, Van Boven, Cha, L. François)
  • 2nd place:Kojika 1 (Buysse, Van Dort, P. D’Hont, Yano, Haeke)
  • 3rd place: Wakakoma (Grosfils, Kitashima, Matsui, Nameche, Nakamura) - Kenseikan (R. Van Eupen, A. Van Eupen, S. Vande Mergel, D. Vande Mergel, Van Laecken)
  • Fighting Spirit: De Backer Jimmy (Kendo Gent)


New Nanadan & Rokudan Kendo in Belgium!

chieko Yano Nanadan Kendo (Mobile)

Congratulations to Chieko YANO who passed her nanadan last week-end. Chieko is now the 1st lady nanadan in the EKF zone!

Let’s not forget either Xavier POUSSEUR who also passed his rokudan !…
Congratuations to both of them,
Keep going!

Belgian Kendo Championships 2014

Date and venue of the BKC 2014 are published: BKC 2014

Ishidocup 25&26 of January 2014 – Utrecht (NL)

A Belgian delegation was present at this yearly event for Iaido and Jodo.

In the morning there was a mini-seminar, in the afternoon there was a taikai.

And the Belgians were once again outstanding:

  • Saturday – Iaido – 120 participants – 4 medals !
  • Sunday – Jodo – 48 participants – 5 medals !

This looks very promising for the future.

(P. Demuynck)

New Kyoshi in Belgium


Dear Friends,

We have the pleasure to inform you that our friend Serge HENDRICKX has been granted the title (shogo) of KYOSHI during his last stay in Japan. So he is now nanadan kyoshi!

He personally received his SHOGO from our President during the seminar organised by WAKAKOMA KENSHIKAI in Auderghem.

Big applause and congratulations to you Serge!

ABKF Summer Seminar 2014

Dates for the 2014 ABKF seminar have been added to the agenda.

More information here

Goodbye Stéphane

574837_3787914499312_1714813850_nFor all those who have known him well and also for those who just met him some day, somewhere around a shiai jo. We’ve got very, very sad news to tell! Stéphane SNYERS has just passed away after a terrible disease. He was yondan kendo and godan iaido for those who had some day the pleasure to practise with him … All our thoughts to his family, RIP Stéphane.

ABKF Winter Seminar 2013

The 23th ABKF Winter seminar Kendo, Iaido & Jodo & International Goodwill Competition will be held in Brussels from the 17th to 22th of December 2013.

- Information and Booking form -

Jodo Nishiumi



European Iaido Championships 2013

The 20th European Iaido Championships was this year organized in Meze, France. The ambiance during this event was great and everybody was very happy to meet all Iaido friends from all over EKF countries. After 2 days of seminar, the Belgian team achieved a tremendous job in the individual taikai by winning not less than 8 medals with Bruwier Philippe 6th dan Silver, Simonini Michael 5th dan Gold, Kanto Yuki 5th dan Bronze, Vandenbussche Jonathan 4th dan Gold, Vervack Valentin 2nd dan Gold, Vijverman Yvan 2nd dan Bronze, Cool Steven 1st dan Gold, Croes Kim 1st dan Bronze.

Iaido Belgian Team 2013 - Individual medals

And on sunday winning the Silver medal in Team taikai with a team composed of De Block Marjan, Cool Steven, Croes Kim, Defraeye Luc.

Iaido Belgian Team 2013 - Team taikai silver medal

Sunday finished with gradings where many new shodan (Incl. Croes Kim), nidan (Incl. Cool Steven) and sandan (Incl. Vervack Valentin) members passed! But only three new yondan and only one new rokudan (Simonini Michael) passed.

All EIC 2013 taikai results can be found here with official EKF comments and pictures on Facebook