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Welcome to the ABKF Events website

This site will list all the "All Belgium Kendo Federation" events and agenda and competition results.

EJC 2014 – Torino (ITA)








Fantastic results for the Belgian National Jodo Team during the EJC 2014 in TORINO!
The Belgian Delegation, was composed of the the National Team Members, together with their coaches Jean Trembloy and Liviu Vlad and with referee Albert Vandebroeck-sensei.

They fought with Patrik De Muynck-sensei and his quick recovery in their mind, and have gotten great results.

Many Belgians made it to the finals.

Team : 2nd place – silver medal (Vandenbussche Johan, De Block Marjan, Cool Steven, Vervack Valentin) (European Vice-champions)

In the preliminaries, they won against last years european Champion.

SHODAN: 2nd place – Silver medal – Cool Steven (European vice-champion)
NIDAN: 2nd place – Silver Medal – Vermeulen Karen (European vice-champion)
SANDAN: 3rd place – Bronze Medal – Vervack Valentin
YONDAN: 2nd place – Silver medal – De Block Marjan (European vice-champion)


ABKF Kendo Kyu Seminar 2014

The information for the Kendo Kyu Seminar & Ikkyu exams has been updated under Seminars and Events

Seminars & Events page updated

New upcoming events have been added to the Seminar & Events page.

Make sure to check the page regularly so you don’t miss anything!

ABKF Iaido Summer Seminar 2014

Thank you everyone for this 13th edition and a special thank you to the Japanese sensei delegation: Oda sensei, Katsumata sensei, Furuichi sensei and Tsuchiya sensei for their great teaching. See you all next year for the 14th edition.

ABKF Summer Seminar 2014 group photo.
ABKF Iaido Summer Seminar 2014

Facebook event page

Jodo seminar 19th of July – Sakura Budokai & Taikikai no dojo



in collaboration with the TC ABKF Jodo:


JODO Seminar Saturday 19th of July 2014
Venue: Gemeentelijk sportcentrum – Van Cauwelaertstraat,  B-1740 TERNAT (Zwembad)
09h00 – 12h00: seitei jôdô
14h00 – 16h00: team taikai
Everyone is welcome

Info: please contact Albert Van den Broeck

Snacks are available in the cafetaria
Free fees

Belgian Iaido Championships 2014

17th Belgian Iaido Championships 2014.
Date: 18 May 2014

Information and Registration here: BIC 2014

Belgian Kendo Championships 2014 Angleur – results

Results per categorie of the BKC 2014


  • 1st place: D’Hont Freya (Kojika)
  • 2nd place: Heremans Olivier (Wakakoma)
  • 3rd place: Windels Kai Li (Kojika) – De Brie Bavo (Kenseikan)
  • Fighting Spirit: Jevtic-Romano (Butokukan)


  • 1st place: Buysse Rachel (Kojika)
  • 2nd place: Matsui (Wakakoma)
  • 3rd place: Kitashima (Wakakoma) – Van Alsenoy Isha (Kojika)
  • Fighting Spirit: Steyaert Maaike (Kendo Gent)


  • 1st place: Van Laecken Sean (Kenseikan)
  • 2nd place: Haeke Wesley (Kojika)
  • 3rd place: Nakamura (Wakakoma) – Van Dort Geert (Kojika)
  • Fighting Spirit: Nameche (Wakakoma)


  • 1st place: Seishinkan (Vinck, Miyoshi, Van Boven, Cha, L. François)
  • 2nd place:Kojika 1 (Buysse, Van Dort, P. D’Hont, Yano, Haeke)
  • 3rd place: Wakakoma (Grosfils, Kitashima, Matsui, Nameche, Nakamura) – Kenseikan (R. Van Eupen, A. Van Eupen, S. Vande Mergel, D. Vande Mergel, Van Laecken)
  • Fighting Spirit: De Backer Jimmy (Kendo Gent)


New Nanadan & Rokudan Kendo in Belgium!

chieko Yano Nanadan Kendo (Mobile)

Congratulations to Chieko YANO who passed her nanadan last week-end. Chieko is now the 1st lady nanadan in the EKF zone!

Let’s not forget either Xavier POUSSEUR who also passed his rokudan !…
Congratuations to both of them,
Keep going!

Belgian Kendo Championships 2014

Date and venue of the BKC 2014 are published: BKC 2014

Ishidocup 25&26 of January 2014 – Utrecht (NL)

A Belgian delegation was present at this yearly event for Iaido and Jodo.

In the morning there was a mini-seminar, in the afternoon there was a taikai.

And the Belgians were once again outstanding:

  • Saturday – Iaido – 120 participants – 4 medals !
  • Sunday – Jodo – 48 participants – 5 medals !

This looks very promising for the future.

(P. Demuynck)