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Archive for 'Iaido'

A new 6th Dan Iaido in Belgium!

Yuki Kanto passed her 6th dan at the end of the seminar organized by CNK in Versailles this weekend. Congratulations!

ABKF Summer Seminar 2017

The 16th edition of the ABKF Summer Seminar will take place for the Iaido seminar the 18-19-20 August 2017 in the Centre sportif de Blocry, Louvain La Neuve and for the Kendo seminar the 23-24-25-26-27 August 2017 in the ADEPS Auderghem, Brussels. Click here for more info … Iaido 18-19-20 August 2017 – Centre sportif […]

EKF European Iaido Championships 2016 – Budapest

Beste vrienden, De Belgen hebben het weerom gedaan in Budapest. Een ongelofelijke prestatie neergezet tijdens het Europees Kampioenschap IAIDO 2016 Individueel , op de 7 Finales, beheersten wij er 5, met als resultaat: SHODAN: GOLD – Karen Vermeulen NIDAN: SILVER – Daan Heungens SANDAN: Een Belgische Finale: GOLD – Valentin Vervack en SILVER – Kim […]

Belgian Iaido Championships 2016

This year, the 19th ABKF Iaido Championships took place on May 15th in Havré. It was a wonderful day with great shiai. Congratulations to all the participants and medal winners. See you all next year for the 20th edition of the Belgian Iaido Championships 🙂 The medal winners Results of the BIC 2016 MUDAN 1.RENDERS […]

Kyoto Taikai & New Iaido Renshi for Belgium

The first week of May, during the “Golden Week” is every year the moment of the ZNKR gatering known as the “Kyoto Taikai”. Demonstrations & matches in Jodo, Iaido & Kendo are organized at the Butokuden in Kyoto (Japan) for 6th up to 8th dan. This year, five members took part in the Kendo division […]

Message of French “Comité National de Kendo” (CNK)

Dear Members, Following the dramatic events that happened today in Brussels, we forward you the message from French Federation’s Vice-President, Dominique Dupuis.   C’est avec une profonde tristesse que nous avons appris l’horreur qui vous touche ce matin. Croyez bien que tout le Comité National Français de Kendo, comme tous les kendoka Français sont atteints […]

ABKF Winter Seminar 2015

Exposition at Japan Information and Cultural Centre (Embassy of Japan) “The Spirit of Budo – The History of Japan’s Martial Arts”

Dear Sirs & Madams, We delightedly announce you that there will be an exclusive exposition of Japan’s Martial Art. Title : “The Spirit of Budo – The History of Japan’s Martial Arts” Dates : 26 November 2015 – 8 January 2016 Place : Japan Information and Cultural Centre (Embassy of Japan in Belgium) Address […]

A new 7th Dan Iaido in Belgium!

A new 7th dan Iaido in Belgium! Our friend Philippe Bruwier passed successfully this test sunday 25/10/15 at the end of the European Iaido Championships in Berlin. Big congratulations!! Gradings results (EKF PDF) here

EIC 2015 – European Iaido Championships Berlin

The 22nd European Iaido Championships 2015 was this year organized in Berlin, Germany. The ambiance during this event was great and everybody was very happy to meet all Iaido friends from all over EKF countries. After 1 day seminar, the Belgian team did fight hard Saturday in the individual taikai and won 3 medals with […]