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ABKF- Information on Belgian Kyu Kendo Championships 2016 – update

The information about the BKKC 2016 has been published here : BKKC2016 The composition of the poules and drawing can be found here: Drawing IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING TEAM COMPETITION: Teams will be composed of 3 fighters !

ABKF Kendo Kyu Seminar cancelled

Due to Brussels not being accessible on that day (cars not allowed in Brussels) this year’s Kyu Seminar has been cancelled.

Kyoto Taikai & New Iaido Renshi for Belgium

The first week of May, during the “Golden Week” is every year the moment of the ZNKR gatering known as the “Kyoto Taikai”. Demonstrations & matches in Jodo, Iaido & Kendo are organized at the Butokuden in Kyoto (Japan) for 6th up to 8th dan. This year, five members took part in the Kendo division […]

Bedankt! – Merci!

Ce message est également en version française plus bas) BEDANKT! Beste vrienden, vriendinnen, Zoals jullie ongetwijfeld allemaal al weten, beleefde onze kleine Belgische kendo-wereld, enkele gelukkige momenten naar aanleiding van het laatste Europees kendo kampioenschap in Skopje. Het gemoed bezwaard door de recente gebeurtenissen in Zaventem en Brussel, is het Belgische team onder moeilijke omstandigheden […]

Message of French “Comité National de Kendo” (CNK)

Dear Members, Following the dramatic events that happened today in Brussels, we forward you the message from French Federation’s Vice-President, Dominique Dupuis.   C’est avec une profonde tristesse que nous avons appris l’horreur qui vous touche ce matin. Croyez bien que tout le Comité National Français de Kendo, comme tous les kendoka Français sont atteints […]

ABKF – Belgian Kendo Championships 2016

You will find the final results of the tournament here: final results The folder of the event has been published. This folder contains the latest version of all pools and grids ! Please find the folder here. Latest update: 11/03/2016

Belgian Kendo Championships 2016

Date, time and venue have been confirmed. Click bkc 2016

ABKF Winter Seminar 2015

BKKC – Belgian Kyusha Kendo Championships – results

The results of the BKKC 2015 can be found here: BKKC GENT 8-11-2015 FINAL RESULT

BKKC – Belgian Kyusha Kendo Championships (update)

The final drawing and time schedule has been added Find the info here