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BKKC 2018

This Sunday November 11th 2018, Belgian Kendo Kyu Championships in ADEPS Auderghem …

Booklet is available here: BKKC 2018

Federation Iaido

25th EIC 2018 Zawiercie – Poland

Belgian Iaido team report – EIC 218 in Zawiercie, Poland.

WOW !!! That is the first reaction after this 25 th European Iaido Championship last weekend . Although I already attended in earlier championships as referee, this year I was really ‘on the competitors side’ as Belgian Team manager to see (& love) it all.

This year’s Belgian referees were Patrik Demuynck and Luc Defraeye.

After a long travel, from Brussels via Frankfurt to Katowice airport, we arrived on Thursday evening at Zawiercie. Luckily, we had made bus reservation, so no worries to find transportation. The hotel was great and we started our stay with a lot of fun in the hotel’s spa and swimming pool. Everyone experienced this Thursday pool evening in his own way …

Friday was a full day seminar. ZKR Iai demonstration supervised by Mitani sensei.
Explanations were provided by Kusama sensei and kata were performed by Nakamura sensei. In the afternoon, more than 300 participants were divided in three halls to practice the points highlighted by the sensei during the morning session.

Saturday was the first day of the championship, individual taikai in seven categories, from mudan to rokudan. Not easy to follow on four shiaijo. The coach, Liviu, went from one place to another noting every score in every category …
In mudan category, Basu Pramit(Kenhachi) won the 3d place, bronze medal. In nidan and sandan, the level was higher than ever and Belgium members were stopped before the finals, but in yondan category Valentin Vervack(Kendo Iaido Gent) won the 1st place, gold medal.
And in the highest category, rokudan, Yuki Kanto(Brussels Yaegaki-kai) won 3d place,bronze medal, and Michael Simonini(Brussels Yaegaki-kai)
won 2 nd place, silver medal. Four medals won on day one !!!

Sunday was team taikai and the Belgian team members were Karen Vermeulen (Kendo Iaido Gent), Kim Croes (Kenhachi), Valentin Vervack (Kendo Iaido Gent) and Daan Heungens (Kendo Iaido Gent). Leaded by a strong coach, Liviu Vlad, who strategically positioned the members on the 3 places. They got out as firs of their pool against Greece and France, won against Italy, fought victoriously in half final against the Netherlands to win finally against Finland. Fantastic performance from a great team !!
So four gold medals on the second day !!!

And last but not least, four Belgian members presented and passed their gradings: Kim Croes(Kenhachi) became yondan, Karen Vermeulen(Kendo Iaido Gent) became sandan, Pramit Basu(Kenhachi) and Soumaya Boujraf(Butokukan) became shodan.

Congratulations to all !!!

Thank you all, Belgian members, for great performances, good friendship, and a fantastic weekend.
It made me very proud to be part of this team.

Your Iaido Team manager, Freddy Carlier.


BKR Iaido – Regional training 2018/2019

Dear members please already note in your agenda the following Iaido BKR Keiko for the 2018/2019.

30 September 2018 – 9:00=>11:00 & 12:00=>14:00
18 November 2018 – 9:00=>11:00 & 12:00=>14:00
20 January 2019 – 9:00=>11:00 & 12:00=>14:00
17 March 2019 – 9:00=>11:00 & 12:00=>14:00
26 May 2019 – 9:00=>11:00 & 12:00=>14:00

Sportshall G2 – At Adeps Audgerghem
Chaussée de Wavre 2057, 1160 Auderghem

For more information & other dates (BKR/VKIJF Regional Training) check the full Agenda

EKF Federation Iaido

ABKF/EKF International Iaido Seminar Bruges 2018

The 8-9-10 June 2018 the International Iaido seminar took place in Bruges, Belgium. It was organized by the ABKF with the help of the EKF (European Kendo Federation).

Under the guidance of the Japanese delegation sent by the ZNKR, we had a two days seminar and
gradings on Sunday afternoon. The Japanese delegation consisted of Kamikokuryo Shuichi 8th dan Hanshi, Oda Nobuaki 8th dan Kyoshi and Mikawa Noriaki 8th dan Kyoshi and they were assisted by European 7th dan sensei.

Some 140 people took part in the seminar. This posed no problem for the Sports complex were we
had ample space so everyone could train safely.

As there was the opportunity to grade until 7th dan a lot of candidates took their chance on the exam
unfortunately only 3 out of 32 people passed for 6th dan and none out of 8 passed for 7th dan.

But in the end because of the great job of the organizing committee there were a lot of happy faces,
a lot was learned, friends were reunited and beers were drunk.

Thanks a lot to all that made this possible, and see you soon.
Luc Defraye

Federation Iaido

BIC 2018 – Results

The 21th Belgian Iaido Championships 2018 took place this Sunday 13 May 2018 in Rebecq. Belgian Iaido level is improving every year and we were rewarded with thrilling matches and finals. Congratulations to all the competitors and thank you for the great job of referees and the organizing Dojos of the SSKB.

Here are the competition results:

1. Basi Pramit (Kenhachi)
2. Van Den Branden Myrthe (Raito)
3. Boujraf Soumaya (Butokukan)
3. Roosekrans John (Segawa)
FS. Sanchez Lucia (Butokukan)
1. Render Merlijn (Shinbukan)
2. De Baets Gret (Tenshokai)
3. Cogneau Luc (Sakura Ternat)
3. Linssen Jimmy (Shinbukan)
FS. Cordier Laetitia (Butokukan)
1. Peynsart Yoshi (KIG)
2. Vermeulen Karen (KIG)
3. Maes Nicolas (BYK)
3. Pirard Florian (Sakura Ternat)
FS. Kersleers Kevin (Sakura Ternat)
1. Heungens Daan (KIG)
2. Croes Kim (Kenhachi)
3. Damoiseau David (BYK)
3. Van Gilsem Gregory (BYK)
FS. Lesire Philippe (Shidokan)
1. Vervack Valentin (KIG)
2. Pauwelyn Nicolas (Tenshokai)
3. Geilenkirchen Ton (Agehacho)
FS. Vervack Valentin (KIG)
1. Van Den Bussche Jonathan (Agehacho)
2. Vlad Liviu (Agehacho)
3. Vaes Nicolas (Mushinkan)
3. Brun Eric (BYK)
FS. Yano Chieko (KIG)

Let’s all practice together and improve our Iaido level together. Thank you all again and see you next year for the 22nd edition 🙂

Belgian Iaido Championships 2018



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Geert van Dort

It is with great sadness that we learned that Geert van Dort friend and member of the Kendo National Team passed away. We would like to present to his family our deepest condolences.
Rest in peace Geert

Those who want pay a last time their respect to Geert can join the funeral ceremony in Lochristi next thursday 17/05 at 11.00 am

All Events Calendar


06jun08:0011:00ABKF Kendo National Team Training08:00 - 11:00 ULB - Building E2, Hall 2, 50, avenue franklin RooseveltEvent Type :Kendo

07jun09:0014:00BKR Iaido – Regional training09:00 - 14:00 ADEPS - Auderghem, Chaussée de Wavre 2057, 1160 Auderghem, BelgiumEvent Type :Iaido,Iaido Grading

13jun12:0013:00BKR Kendo KeikoOpen from 2nd Dan12:00 - 13:00 ADEPS - Auderghem, Chaussée de Wavre 2057, 1160 Auderghem, BelgiumEvent Type :Kendo

14jun09:0017:00BKR Dan Championships 2020 + Referee / Kakari-in seminar09:00 - 17:00 Event Type :Kendo

20jun10:0012:00VKIJF Kendo Keiko10:00 - 12:00 Sportcentrum De Witte Molen, Azalealaan 29Event Type :Kendo

28jun09:0013:00VKIJF Iaido / Jodo Regional Training09:00 - 13:00 Sporthal Tolhuis, Tolhuislaan 77, 9000 GentEvent Type :Iaido,Jodo


11jul12:0013:00BKR Kendo KeikoOpen from 2nd Dan12:00 - 13:00 ADEPS - Auderghem, Chaussée de Wavre 2057, 1160 Auderghem, BelgiumEvent Type :Kendo


08aug12:0013:00BKR Kendo KeikoOpen from 2nd Dan12:00 - 13:00 ADEPS - Auderghem, Chaussée de Wavre 2057, 1160 Auderghem, BelgiumEvent Type :Kendo

29aug09:0017:00ABKF Kendo Summer Godo KeikokaiWith Examination until 5th Dan09:00 - 17:00 Event Type :Kendo

30aug09:0017:00ABKF Iaido Summer Godo KeikokaiWith Examination until 4th Dan09:00 - 17:00 Centre Sportif Blocry, Place des Sports 1, 1348 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, BelgiumEvent Type :Iaido,Iaido Grading


26sep(sep 26)00:0027(sep 27)23:48CANCELLED !!! EJC European Jodo Championships 202000:00 - 23:48 (27) Event Type :Jodo