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Tag: BIC

Belgian Iaido Championships 2016

This year, the 19th ABKF Iaido Championships took place on May 15th in Havré. It was a wonderful day with great shiai. Congratulations to all the participants and medal winners. See you all next year for the 20th edition of the Belgian Iaido Championships 🙂 The medal winners Results of the BIC 2016 MUDAN 1.RENDERS […]

BIC – Belgian Iaido Championships 2015

The 18th Belgian Iaido Championships 2015 took place this Sunday 10/05/15 in Sint-Niklaas. Belgian Iaido level is increasing every year and we were rewarded with thrilling matches and finals. Congratulations to all the participants and thank you for the great job of the organizing Dojo: Tamiza Kendo Kai. Click the “Read more” for full results […]

Belgian Iaido Championships 2012

The 15th iaido championships organised this year by the BKR took place sunday 27/05/2012 in Louvain-La-Neuve (Blocry) and started at 10:30 sharp. The hall had been nicely prepared with 2 shiaijo and a warming-up area. 6 referees were appointed for each shiaijo (A & B) which made it possible to switch on a regular base. […]

Belgian Iaido Championships 2011

The Belgian Iaido Championship 2011 took place the 17/05/11 in Affligem. Follow the Read more for full results …